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Victorian Style Toys and Games

We have put together a collection of games and toys that reflect the Victorian Age. They are suitable for applications at school and at home. Some of these are traditional toys and are as close to the original as we can get, while others are modern interpretations of the Victorian toy or game. If you are wondering whether today's computer generation kids will find the toys boring and uninteresting, our experience is that they enjoy the chance to try out something different and they get a lot of play value from them. In addition many Victorian toys encouraged exercise and development of skills.

Traditional Cup and Ball bullet

cup and ball
  • Polished wood
  • Mastered with practice
  • Traditional Toy
  • £2.49

    Cup and Ball bullet

  • Modern version of traditional toy
  • £2.99

    Bag of Marbles


    Enormous Marble

    enormous marble

    Premium Marble Set


    Marble Games

    marble games

    Marble Shooter

    marble shooter

    Pocket Book of Marbles

    marble book

    Wooden Popgun

  • Traditional toy provides hours of fun
  • Every child needs one!
  • £2.99

    Painted YoYo


    Traditional Wooden Diabolo bullet

  • Small diabolo for children
  • Many skills can be developed
  • £4.99

    Large Diabolo

  • Ideal for novice
  • Many skills can be developed
  • £7.99

    Junior Stilts

  • Strong hardwood stilts
  • £26.50

    Child/Teen Adjustable Stilts


    Wooden Hoop

  • Supplied with hoop stick.
  • from £15.00

    Best Metal Hoop

    metal hoop
  • Large size available
  • from £24.99

    Metal Hoop

    metal hoop
  • Metal hoop and handle.
  • £19.99


    throwing quoits
  • A great game for all the family
  • £9.99

    Skipping Rope

    skipping rope

    Vintage Skipping Rope Kit

    skipping rope
  • Make it yourself
  • from £5.99

    Acrobatic Monkey

    acrobatic monkey
  • Great child's toy..
  • £4.25

    Pickup Sticks

    pickup sticks
  • Wooden sticks for a great game
  • £1.99

    Football Rattle bullet

    football rattle
  • A great fun noisemaker
  • £3.00

     Slide Whistle bullet

    slide whistle
  • Natural wood whistle
  • £2.99

     Village in a Bag bullet

    village in a bag
  • Very popular child's toy
  • £9.99

     Punch and Judy

    Punch and Judy

     Jacob's Ladder

    jacobs ladder
  • Intriguing stress relieving toy
  • £2.99

     Giant Pickup Sticks

    giant pickup sticks
  • Great game for the family
  • £12.99

     Tip Top

    tip top
  • Pack of 5
  • £3.00

    Metal Spinning Top

    metal spinning top
  • Classic tin toy
  • £6.49

    Humming Top Carousel

    Humming Top Carousel
  • Great retro toy
  • £14.99

    Colouring Top  bullet

    colouring top
  • Artistic play
  • from £2.00

    Vintage Skittles Set

    skittles set
  • Inexpensive Skittles set
  • £8.99

     Egg and Spoon Race

    egg and spoon game
  • Wooden egg and spoon set
  • £13.49

     Tail-less Donkey

    tail-less donkey game
  • An old favourite
  • £4.99

     Treasure Sack

    treasure sack
  • Treasure sack with real "gems"
  • £2.99

     Retro Snap Game

    snap game
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • £2.99

    Children's Card Games

    card games
  • A selection of traditional games
  • £3.50

    Animal Grab Cards

    playing cards

    Nursery Rhyme Cards

    nursery rhyme cards

    Playing Cards

    playing cards


  • Small bagatelle
  • £9.99

     Wooden Solitaire

    wooden solitaire
  • Wooden solitaire set
  • £17.99

     Small Wooden Solitaire

    wooden solitaire
  • Wooden solitaire set
  • £11.99

     Chinese Chequers

    Chinese chequers
  • Wooden chequers set
  • £14.49

     Chinese Chequers DL

    Chinese chequers
  • Wooden board with marbles
  • £19.99

     Modelling Clay

    Modelling Clay
  • A must for every child
  • £0.99

     Deluxe Jacks Set

    Deluxe Jacks Set
  • Nicely crafted metal set
  • £3.99

     Metal Kaleidoscope

    Metal Kaleidoscope

     Wooden Building Blocks

    Wooden Building Blocks
  • Great child's toy
  • £14.50

     Chess, Draughts and Backgammon

    chess game

    Travel Backgammon

    travel backgammon

    Ludo bullet

  • Retro-styled game
  • £6.99


  • Traditional and popular game
  • £3.99

     Dominoes bullet


     Snakes and Ladders


     Pocket Kite in a Bag

    Pocket Kite in a Bag
  • Great toy for the summer
  • £4.99

     Juggling Ball

    Juggling Ball
  • Develop your circus skills
  • £1.75

    Flower Press

    Flower Press
  • Lovely rewarding hobby
  • £14.99

    Tapestry Stitching Set

    Tapestry Stitiching Set
  • Great craft activity
  • £14.99

    Tin Carousel

    Tin carousel
  • Great clockwork tin-toy for collectors
  • £14.99

    Toys from other eras

    Lovely toys but not of the Victorian period

    Beetle Game

    beetle game
  • Remember this?
  • £5.99

    Magnetic Fishing Game

    magnetic fishing game
  • Loads of fun
  • £8.99

    Space Hopper

    space hopper
  • Fantastic toy from the 1970s
  • £13.50


  • Simple but absorbing
  • £5.99

    Magic Slate

    magic slate

    Items found in other sections

    Jig Sew Kit

    jig sew kit
  • A great craft kit for children
  • £1.99

    Knitting Doll

    knitting doll
  • A modern take on a traditional toy
  • £4.99


  • All wood abacus
  • £9.75

    Slate and pencil

    slate and pencil
  • Traditional school slate
  • £3.30

    Chalk Board Set

    Chalk Board Set

    Hopscotch Chalks

    Hopscotch Chalks

    Items on other pages


  • Wooden counting frame
  • Ideal for classroom or home
  • £9.75