Wooden Hoop

This traditional play hoop is made of layered beech hardwood and comes with a plain wooden stick (approx 30cm 12": birch hardwood) so that it can be rolled along the playground. Playing with hoops was a popular pastime in Victorian times. The hoop should be kept dry, or if it is used regularly in wet conditions it would be advisable to treat with a coating of linseed (or similar) oil. To play, the hoop is rolled alonf the ground and then the srick is used to keep it rolling, and to steer. With practice the hoop should be perfectly controllable. Available in 60cm, 70cm and 80cm diameter. Children are happy to play with all sizes, but obviously the larger size is better for older taller children or for adults.

PLEASE NOTE when ordering larger quantities to allow sufficient time for delivery as our stock level fluctuates.

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Wooden Hoop

303201 60cm Hoop £18.49

303202 70cm Hoop £20.49

303203 80cm Hoop £22.49

303300 Additional Stick £1.00


Larger Quantities

10 60cm hoops £150.00

10 70cm hoops £170.00

10 80cm hoops £190.00

10 mixed size hoops (4, 3, 3) £165.00

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