Best Metal Hoop

A superior quality metal hoop made by a British craftsman in Somerset, suitable for regular use in schools, museums and stately homes. The hoop is also suitable for home use. With a superior and durable weld, and a captive handle, this hoop can provide hours of fun for both children and adults. To maintain the hoop, it should be rubbed occasionally with oil, and it should not be stored in wet or damp conditions. The captive handle has a turned end to make it safer. The hoop is made of steel. Although the hoop can be used on rough surfaces, and will even go up and down kerbs, this can, over time slightly distort the shape, but this in no way affects its usage, and it should last for many years.

Although it looks easy to use, there is an acquired skill, and it is possible to become very proficient in steering and guiding it. The hoop is enjoyed by children and adults. Although you can run along with the hoop, it is equally possible to walk with it.

Three sizes are available. The large size is more suitable for taller children and adults, although all the hoop sizes can be used by all ages: but there is less stooping needed for the larger hoop. In general, we have found that the smaller hoop is easier to use for learning as it is not so hard to steer.

The metal hoop was a common plaything in Victorian times, probably made by the local blacksmith. Almost every Victorian child would have played with one.

Hoop diameter:
Small - 24"/60cm,
Medium - 27½"/70cm,
Large - 31.5"/80cm.
Please note: as these hoops are hand made, there will be some slight variations in sizing. Overall handle length is approximately 15"/38cm.

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Best Metal Hoop

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