Tin Fair Carousel

This is not a toy in one sense. It is a collectors item. Although tin toys were popular for many years with children, modern health and safety laws do not look kindly on these wonderful traditional toys. We are therefore constrained to sell them to adults as collectors items only, although they may well be suitable for demonstration purposes in a controlled environment.

Tin toys started out as a flat sheet of metal which was printed, and then cut to shape. Various tools were used to shape the metal. and the resulting pieces were assembled by hand into a finished toy. These were works of craftsman and skilled toymakers, but with the development of plastic many toy firms went over to the plastic toys with which we are all too familiar. Just a few factories continued using their existing skills and this example is produced in India.

This model combines a traditional lever-operated clockwork toy with a model of a popular Victorian attraction, the carousel, often the centrepiece of a fair. Powered by a spring, this toy will spin delightfully giving a trip down memory lane for older people.

Other models are available for those who wish to start a collection, and it may be that we will add more to our range if we find there is an interest.

bullet WARNING

Tinplate clockwork toys do not comply with current Toy Safety requirements, and we have to observe current requirements to ensure that they are sold to and for adult toy collectors only. Toys are intended as a collector's item.

Height: 10cm – 4inches.

Age: 14+

Tin Fair Carousel

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