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This vintage stone bottle can be used for Victorian days or to make an interesting and decorative ornament. The bottle is finished in traditional salt glaze. In Victorian times smaller bottles would have been filled with ink and fitted with a cork. Large bottles were used for ink in schools and offices. Bottles were also used for domestic purposes. The bottles supplied vary in size and shape and may have small chips or marks consistent with their age. Height 2" - 7" (50-175mm). They are not supplied with contents but they do have a modern cork, so they can be filled if required. If you are ordering more than one bottle then you are likely to receive dissimilar items because we rarely can obtain identical supplied.

IMPORTANT NOTE Although the bottles supplied are old, they are very difficult to date and may not actually be Victorian, but may be early 20th century. They are of course of the pattern used in Victorian times, so they are perfectly suitable for Victorian Days and the like. The picture shown is representative and the shape and finish of the bottles may differ.

In order to cover the various sizes we have divided them into three categories.

SMALL to medium bottles suitable as ink bottles. (Size probably less than 5" tall)

LARGE bottles possibly suitable for other household applications. (Size over 5" tall)

POT LUCK bottles. We have included in this the bottles that may have chips or blemishes or be of an unusual shape. When we manage to get a supply of bottles, which have often been salvaged from old rubbish dumps, a certain number have a little damage and so we have put them in a separate category. These bottles are still complete and do not leak, so they are perfectly usable, indeed their slight scars, add a certain charm.

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Vintage Ink Bottle


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