Replica Maundy Money

An authentically copied Victorian coin set of Maundy money coins from the Victorian era featuring the so called "young head". Maundy money is struck in denominations of one penny, two pence, three pence, and four pence. Although the coins were originally normal circulation, by Victorian times they were specially minted. They were given to selected poor people at a special church service on Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday. The presentation was made by the Monarch or by an appointed Royal Official. The number of recipients each year is determined for the sovereign's age, one for each year. The coins are supplied in a display wallet showing the head and obverse and a detailed desciption of the origin of the coin is given. Hand crafted and antique finished in lead free pewter.

Card size: 2" x 3"


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Replica Maundy Money

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