Ink for Registrars

Quality ink for use with dip pens supplied in a glass bottle. This ink has been formulated for use by registrars and for archival work because of its long-term stability. Supplied in box. Waterproof. Size: 30ml

This ink is manufactured in England by Diamine, a company that can trace its roots back to 1864 when T.W. Webster & Co. Ltd started out in Liverpool, with an office in London, using the trademark Diamine. They sold a range of products, which included stains and waxes for the shoe industry, blackboard renovator, gums and ink. The ink was supplied in traditional stone bottles and delivered by horse and cart.
The company went through many changes accommodating a period of growth when the products were widely used, to a time of change where blackboards became whiteboards, dip pens became ballpens, and nobody delivers by horse and cart any more!
Now, Diamine products are enjoyed by those people who appreciate traditional materials, and we are confident that you will find this ink has stood the test of time.

Colours: Jet Black or Blue-Black. If you need other colours, please enquire.

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Ink for Registrars

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