Little Hatter

This costume represents the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll's book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The idea that hatters went mad was as a result of mercury poisoning from the hat-making process. You don't have to be mad to wear this lovely outfit available at a sensible price. Great for book days and general Victorian representations.


112cm height: 60cm chest: 56cm waist
Suits most 4-6 Years

124cm height: 64cm chest: 59cm waist
Suits most 6-8 Years

136cm height: 71cm chest: 63cm waist: 75cm hips
Suits most 8-10 Years

Extra Large
148cm height: 77cm chest: 67cm waist: 82cm hips
Suits most 10-12 Years

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Little Hatter

Little Hatter Small
412121     £17.50

Little Hatter Medium
412122     £17.50

Little Hatter Large
412123     £17.50

Little Hatter XL
412124     £17.50

bullet SORRY THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT AND NOT YET IN STOCK. Supplies are expected in September.

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