The Great Adventurers
Dr David Livingstone and Stanley

Inseparably linked by history, Livingstone and Stanley could not have been more different. Livingstone was a devoutly religious man who dedicated his life to missionary work and ending slavery. Stanley was a colourful character to say the least, with a chequered past and a driving ambition to travel.

Both would be remembered as much for their famous greeting, as they would for their groundbreaking journeys through the very heart of Africa.

Extensive re-enactments and dramatised readings tell the story of these remarkable men and the golden age of the explorer.

Narrated by Michael Leighton

Scene Selections

Stanley's Travels 1865
Livingstone's Africa 1841
Livingstone's Africa 1851
Missionary Life
In Search of Livingstone
Dr Livingstone I Presume?
Illness Takes Hold
Special Features

Test Your Knowledge
Interactive Menus
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The Great Adventurers
Dr David Livingstone and Stanley DVD

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Dr David Livingstone and Stanley
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