The Victorian Hospital

Lavinia Mitton

Lavinia Mitton follows the changes in hospital treatment that took place during the Victorian era and explores the different types of hospitals that were available, from the celebrated specialist institutions served by famous surgeons to the appalling workhouse infirmaries where the patients were looked after by untrained pauper nurses. Illustrated with black and white drawings and photographs of the buildings, beds, waiting rooms and even ambulances that served the Victorian people, this book is a fascinating insight into the growth of hospitals and medical education, and the advances in surgery and nursing that closed the gap between the 1830s hospital and the establishments that we are familiar with today.

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Voluntary Hospitals
  • Hospitals and Medical Science
  • The Revolution in Nursing
  • Specialist and Cottage Hospitals
  • Poor Law Infirmaries
  • Hospitals for Infectious Diseases
  • Asylums
  • Convalescent Hospitals
  • Military and Naval Hospitals
  • Victorian Hospitals Today
  • Further Reading
  • Places to Visit
  • Index

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The Victorian Hospital

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