CHILDREN Lady With a Lamp

by Cyril Davey

For over a hundred years, Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) has been more than a national heroine. Her drive and energy transformed the Scutari hospital, which led to the recognition of the nursing profession, and won her the title of the 'Lady with a Lamp'. Her famous story is one of faith as well as determination.

This small paperback book features easy-to-read text and is split into chapters:

1. Florence hears the voice
2. The hungry forties
3. A shock for the family
4. No 1 Harley Street
5. Call to the Crimea
6. Scutari
7. Lady with a Lamp
8. Florence wins her fight
9. Florence meets the Queen
10. The Nightingale Legend

From the "Stories of Faith and Fame" series - stories of men and women who went all over the world with their Christian faith.

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Lady With a Lamp

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Lutterworth Press (Dec 1986)
ISBN: 978-0718826413
Product Dimensions: 170 x 108 x 8 mm

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