Tudor School Visit

Although the Victorian School specialises in teaching about the Victorian period, we also offer history days that cover other periods. As with our Victorian visits we come to your school, and we provide an informative and interesting Tudor History Day.

Tudor School Day Details

Tudor music fanfare as "Henry VIII" arrives. "Court" participate in juggling, dancing, playing mock instruments and other court activities.

Henry is introduced with description of his character and interests. This is followed by looking at England in Tudor times.

Time for activities covering the topics of home life, shops, travelling, punishments and education. Activities include the stocks where a naughty person could be imprisonned, walking around in a barrel, writing with quills in Tudor style, guess the sign and what the shop sold, show pomander for rich people and comments about hygiene, smells.

Introduction to King Henry VIII's six wives including role play with masks.

Medieval sports are described and there is an opportunity for children to participate in safe versions of some of them. Includes: jousting, tennis, dice, cards, javelin, archery, theatre, plays, dancing, music and art.

The morning session finishes with a few more facts about Henry`s moods, diet and weight.

After lunch the Medieval Banquet is explained. Pupils learn about the types of food, gluttony, music dancing.

An opportunity for all children to participate in games that would have been played in medieval times including all of the previous list of interests, plus 5 stones, wooden dolls, football, 9 mens morris, draughts and hoops.

The exact programme and details will vary according to the age of the children and the available time.

This all adds up to a memorable day and serves to reinforce additional teaching about the period. The exact nature of the day varies depends upon the age of the children, the time available, and local requirements.

Contact us to get costs.

Henry VIII
Tudor Rose
Tudor lady