The Cane
Every teacher had a cane, with which to punish children. The cane was a stick of bamboo, rattan, or birch, usually about a metre long. Naughty children were spanked either on the bottom or on the hand, and the punishments were supposed to be recorded in a log book, although as some teachers gave out many beatings in a day, it is quite probable that not all were recorded. The reasons for punishment could include answering the teacher back, being slow at lessons, late for school, talking in class, and many other things which were sometimes very trivial. In Scotland, instead of the cane, a strap, called the  tawse, was used. Some teachers used to keep a selection of birch rods in a bucket of water so that they were kept supple and ready for use, and often the pupil would be invited to select the cane to be used for their punishment.

girl getting cane

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